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Aquarea with a sea view

IRELAND: Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc T-Cap air-source heat pumps have been specified for two family sea front homes in Waterford.

The family homes were designed by Irish architect Emmet Murray, who wanted the homes to be energy efficient and to take advantage of sustainable energy sources. 

The project consisted of a three and a four-bed detached home with a combined floor space of 3,800ft2. The homes are designed to cleverly harness natural solar gains from the sunlight through their large windows, but ensuring all day and year-round comfort required a high quality and energy efficient heating system. Being so close to the sea, the units also needed to deal with the harsh coastal environment.

Working with builders Tom Breathnach Construction and distributors Heat Merchants, both houses are now benefitting from 16kW Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc T-Cap units to provide heating and domestic hot water.

“With this type of project, we have to consider various factors to ensure the correct size of units is specified,” explained Heat Merchants business development manager Brian Power. “Our technical service department provides a SR50 calculation to tell us which heat pump is optimum for each specific project. This project also specified the Panasonic Smart Cloud control for the properties, where we can monitor the unit and its functionality remotely. We receive a notification from the unit if it identifies any anomalies, meaning we can fix things before they become an issue.”

“Providing longevity is important to us, we therefore treated the units with a Bronze Glow to ensure the units are fully protected from both direct salt spray and salt from the air,” added Panasonic key account manager Walter Stephens.

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