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Carrier adds refrigerant monitoring to Aquasnap chiller

UK: Carrier has added refrigerant leak monitoring and its flagship Touch Pilot control system to its AquaSnap 30RBMP-30RQMP chillers. 

The upgrade adds new capabilities that are designed to make the chiller even easier for end users and maintenance contractors to operate and helps to reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance by automating checks required under F-Gas regulations. 

The fixed refrigerant leak detection system can now be connected directly to the chiller, linking this vital monitoring function with the chiller’s own control system. Carrier can supply and fit compatible refrigerant leak detectors, which includes all wiring connections between the sensors and the chiller control panel. 

Use of a fixed refrigerant leak detection system reduces the number of mandatory site visits required for testing the chiller under F-gas regulations by half.

The upgrade also includes replacement of Carrier’s Prodialog+ control system with the Touch Pilot system that makes available the latest control functions via a state-of-the-art, colour, touch-sensitive screen, accessible via the internet on PC, tablet or smart phone.

The new control system offers alarm notification by email and SMS alert for rapid response and facilitates easy connection to building management systems. Performance data stored within the unit’s onboard memory can be analysed via a user-friendly graphical display, which shows trend data over time.

A “black box” stores all operating parameters for 15 minutes leading up to an alarm or failure, making it possible for Carrier’s service team to assess the cause of a problem and ensure the root cause is identified and rectified.

The Touch Pilot also features an F-gas leak check alert that enables a reminder to be programmed to help ensure mandatory leakage inspections are not missed. The reminder message remains on the chiller’s control screen until reset by the maintenance operator. If the inspection date expires without being addressed, an alarm is activated until the issue is resolved. 

The upgrade option is now available on all new orders of the AquaSnap 30RBMP-30RQMP chiller range, which is available in cooling capacities from 160kW to 510kW.


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