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Carrier ensures aquifer is not dead heat

UK: Two 1.5MW Carrier AquaForce heat pumps, tapped into an underground aquifer, are being used to dry a premium horse feed much in demand by UK racehorse breeders and trainers. 

The ground-source heat pump (GSHP) system was installed at a specialist farm near Coventry by Stoke-on-Trent-based OMNI Heat and Power Ltd. 

Installed with support under the RHI scheme, the Lucerne hay drying facility uses two Carrier AquaForce 30XWHV water-source variable-speed screw heat pumps to upgrade energy extracted from a series of boreholes, which tap an underground aquifer. 

The heat pump plant room under construction

The Carrier heat pumps upgrade the water temperature from 0ºC from the boreholes to 35ºC exiting the system. It is then used to evenly and consistently dry the hay. 

To further enhance efficiency, the heat pumps are equipped with Carrier’s Greenspeed intelligence inverter drive and control system, which matches the speed of the compressor to the current load.

The successful installation is said to have led to more heat pump projects by OMNI Heat and Power around the UK using Carrier heat pumps to harness a range of renewable energy sources.

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