CIAT controller in full bloom

UK: The first UK installation of Ciat’s new air conditioning control and monitoring system, M2M, has been installed at a leading horticultural specialist.

The system is providing round-the-clock remote monitoring for the end user’s 2.1MW water-to-water heat pump plant, based on four DynaCiat Power LG1800v units.

The heat pumps are designed to provide a stable indoor environment to ensure growth conditions for produce are maintained at the optimum level. The M2M system provides intelligent monitoring of conditions and heat pump performance, to ensure pre-set conditions are being constantly met.

M2M provides remote access to all equipment control parameters, performance data and real-time events equipment from any PC, tablet or smartphone. It can be used with Ciat chillers, heat pumps, rooftop systems and air handling units, and is suitable for retrofit on existing plant.


Trend analyses, showing equipment performance over extended periods, can be used as part of an energy efficiency programme. In the event of an alarm, M2M automatically sends an email or text alert to the system administrator and Ciat.

The M2M interface gives an immediate visual overview of plant, including the current status of all main components. This includes information on temperatures, pressures, flows and current operating modes.

In the event of a system fault, M2M records the full conditions at the time, giving engineers a complete picture leading up to an alarm.

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