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Ciat rooftop units in ASDA roll-out

UK: Supermarket chain ASDA is installing Ciat Vectios packaged rooftop cooling units as part of a rolling programme of equipment replacement across its UK estate. 

The units, supplied by CIAT distributor Cool Designs Ltd, promise SEER’s in excess of 3.53 and SCOP’s over 3.20, delivering up to 37% energy savings compared with EU Tier 1 efficiency requirements.

Vectios units consist of an autonomous, horizontal rooftop package, based on tandem-scroll hermetic compressors running on R410A. Sited on a store’s rooftop, the units connect directly to the building’s air distribution ductwork.

This design reduces the cost of installation and enables quick and easy connection by the installer. The units specified by ASDA have two refrigeration circuits, providing a high-level of resilience.

The Ciat Vectic intelligent control system constantly adapts cooling output to changes in ambient temperature and load to optimise performance and minimise energy use. This is assisted by electronically commutated (EC) axial fans.

One of the keys to the unit’s energy efficiency is said to be its high floating pressure control strategy, which allows the condensing pressure set-point to vary according to outdoor temperature. This is regulated by adjusting air flow rates on the outdoor fans.

A free-cooling mode allows Vectios to make use of outdoor air conditions when they are favourable.

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