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Costan passes the Italian test

Sapori_Dintorni_SienaITALY: Costan’s ability to adapt refrigeration systems to the confinements of space was put to the test in an installation at the famous Piazza del Campo in Siena.

The new refrigeration system installed at the specialist Sapori & Dintorni food store also had to comply with the preservation constraints placed by the Fine Arts Authority on this prestigious location.

The sales point, covering an area of 350m², was opened on May 13 on the ground floor of Palazzo Petroni, a building that dates back to the 14th century and is only 20m away from the celebrated Torre del Mangia tower.

The interior is organised on three levels, linked by exposed brick arches, ramps and gently sloping flights of stairs. Next to the sales area, the store’s layout features a bar and a food court in which visitors can taste the wide variety of local specialties prepared on site.

Costan supplied Gazelle multidecks with double-glass doors for self-service meat and the vast array of cold cuts and cheeses offered. These cabinets are said to provide Sapori-Dintorni-Rossinithe best insulation in the industry and 50% lower consumption, compared to an open cabinet with night blinds. In addition, 5m of Rossini serve-over counters, located adjacent to the area where hot dishes are served, are there to highlight traditional gastronomy. Ouverture practical open plug-in cabinets for fresh produce and Armonia closed cabinets for beverages complete the equipment.

This installation was made possible by the EptaBlue Waterloop system, an innovative solution that converts each refrigerated cabinet or cold room connected from remote-cooled to plug-in, by means of a plug and play link. This technology solved the store’s architectural and power supply constraints while ensuring perfect preservation of the fine local and national specialties offered.

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