Daikin Applied updates EWAD-TZ chiller

UK: Daikin Applied has launched the EWAD-TZ B chiller range, an upgrade to its existing TZ and CZ ranges.

The TZ B is Daikin Applied’s next generation of air cooled chillers with inverter screw compressor technology. The TZ-B covers cooling capacities from 170kW up to 1.1MW, with EER values up to 3.9 and ESEER values of up to 5.7.

Building on its predecessor – the EWAD-TZ launched in 2013 – the TZ-B range combines a screw compressor design and integrated inverter technology with variable volume ratio technology, along with the latest microchannel condenser coil technology.

The range has options for three efficiency levels and three sound levels enabling customers the ability to choose a bespoke solution that suits their needs.

The microchannel condenser coils are said to be typically 50% lighter and use, on average, 50% less refrigerant when compared to a traditional copper-tube/aluminium-fin coil design.

Additional accessories include rapid restart, a smart energy meter, total and partial heat recovery, variable speed pumps and master slave functionalities for multiple chiller applications.

The chillers have user-friendly smart controls and can be integrated easily with building management systems, allowing installers and business owners to monitor performance and identify faults more easily.

Daikin Applied

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