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Dutch retailer converts 200 stores to R449A


NETHERLANDS: Dutch retailing group Ahold is converting the refrigeration systems in some 200 of its Albert Heijn supermarkets to DuPont’s R404A/R507A replacement refrigerant Opteon XP40, aka R449A.

CH_Dutch-Retailer2Work started in September and is set to be completed shortly. The decision to convert follows trials carried out in cooperation with DuPont and the Dutch consultants PW Vlaskamp.

Opteon XP40 is suitable as an alternative to R404A/R507A in new and existing commercial and industrial medium and low temperature refrigeration systems. Having a GWP of 1397, its global warming potential is 65% lower than these existing refrigerants.

The Dutch retailer has the target of cutting its CO2 emissions per square metre of sales floor by 20% relative to 2008 levels by 2020. This also involves reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions arising from leaks and energy consumption by medium and low temperature refrigeration systems so far operated with R507A.

In the course of this project, three supermarkets were converted to Opteon XP40, one from R407F and two from R507A. The conversion was carried out by Dutch contractor Retail Technics BV. The work took three to four hours in each case and was carried out outside opening hours. Once the original refrigerant charge had been removed, the filter dryer was replaced as usual during servicing. The system was then evacuated, subjected to leak testing and filled with Opteon XP40.

As the company uses electronic expansion valves and the Danfoss ADAP-KOOL System, the system set up was said to be very easy. No further components had to be replaced nor was an oil change required. Measurements before and after the retrofit revealed that this refrigerant has a distinctly higher energy efficiency than the previously used R407F and R507A.

The consultant has calculated that this conversion will cut total direct greenhouse gas emissions by 10,360 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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