Emerson plays a holding role for Intermarché


EazyCool-ZXFRANCE: Copeland refrigeration units are helping to bring greater flexibility and autonomy to Intermarché supermarkets.

Since September 2015, the French supermarket group has been equipping its sites with low temperature cold stores, known as “freezer airlocks”, enabling them to hold stocks of frozen products delivered by truck, awaiting storage in the retail outlet’s cold stores and cabinets. These enable the supermarket to increase the frequency of night-time deliveries while guaranteeing supplies for all of its retail outlets.

The freezer airlocks, mainly covering an area of between 10 and 30m², generate additional requirements for low temperature refrigeration (-20°C) ranging from 2 to 6kW. A number of these temporary cold stores are beginning to be equipped with new generation Copeland EazyCool ZX refrigeration units, supplied by Emerson Climate Technologies, which is a now an approved supplier for the Intermarché Group.

The new EazyCool ZX range is said to be ideal for this application due to its compact size and low noise. With a footprint of less than 0.5m², the ZX units offer good energy efficiency thanks to the use of Scroll compressors. The incorporation of Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology in the low temperature units increases this efficiency even further.

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