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Ideal conditions are par for the course

89_0025 Open GolfUK: Comfortable conditions were par for the course for guests at a gala dinner prior to the Senior Open Golf Championship in Porthcawl last month.

Andrews Chillers Hire were called upon to provide the ideal conditions for more than 150 VIP guests and players for the eve of championship dinner in a marquee in the grounds of Hensol Castle.

HensolCastle is part of the impressive estate of the Vale Resort which boasts two championship golf courses which have hosted a number of European Tour tournaments over the years, including the 2006 and 2007 Wales Seniors Open, and a number of Challenge Tour events.  

While guests enjoyed a first class dining experience, operating quietly in the background was an Andrews Chillers 50kW fluid chiller heat pump connected to four 15kW fan coil units to keep guests cool.

The marquee measured 21m x 12m but with so many people in a relatively confined space, plus hot food and the higher than normal summer temperatures there were concerns to control what could become a very uncomfortable hot and humid environment. 

One of the key requirements was that the overall system including pipework had to be unobtrusive and not distract from the luxury of the internal dressing of the marquee.

Six days before the gala dinner Andrews Chillers delivered and installed an integrated cooling/heating system comprising a 50kW heat pump and four 15kW fan units, capable of delivering air at up to 1200m3/h. The heat pump was positioned outside the marquee with pipe runs to each individual air unit sited in each corner of the marquee. 

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