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Newsletter passes 1,000 subscribers

1,000th subscriber Beatriz Cid receives a bottle of Champagne from Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt

The number of Cooling Post newsletter subscribers has now passed the milestone 1,000 mark. The twice weekly free newsletter, launched last year to support the Cooling Post website, passed the magic 1,000 figure just prior to this week’s Chillventa show.

The 1,000th subscriber was Beatriz Cid, Honeywell’s fluorine products sales manager in Spain, Portugal and France who received a bottle of Champagne from Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt to celebrate the event.

“On the face of it, 1,000 subscribers is not particularly impressive,” said Everitt, ”but you have to bear in mind that the list is being grown organically using the web-industry’s highest “double opt-in” standards. In essence, no-one receives the Cooling Post newsletter unless they personally request it.”

Those standards are reflected in the amount of engagement from subscribers, with open and click rates the highest in the industry.

“We have avoided the temptation of simply buying lists and operating casual “opt-out” practices,” Neil Everitt explained. “After all, why send a newsletter to 10,000 subscribers if 9,000 of them don’t really want it? It’s a waste of our time and theirs.

“Virtually all of this growth is created by word of mouth or from people visiting the website and liking what they see. I’d like to thanks those who continue to spread the word about the Cooling Post and assure you that we will endeavour to continue to bring you the air conditioning and refrigeration news that matters from around the world.”

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