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Possibly the best website in Europe

39239988_mThe Cooling Post witnessed further huge increases in web traffic in August, breaking records across the board and making it, possibly, the biggest air conditioning and refrigeration website in Europe.

Against expectations for the month, the number of web site visits reached nearly 20,000 in August – a 25% increase on a record-breaking month in July. The number of page views increased to over 41,000 – a staggering 30% increase on last month – and, on top of that, the number of new Cooling Post Newsletter subscribers saw its biggest monthly increase since the website was launched.

“With the holidays and factory shutdowns across Europe, we honestly expected August to mirror last year’s website statistics and show a downturn on what was a record-breaking July,” commented Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt. “As it turned out, August has been a fantastic month, returning figures that are nearly 60% up on the beginning of the year.”

Not yet two years’ old, the Cooling Post continues to attract followers from across the world.

“It’s difficult to tell for sure because others websites are not so open about their stats but, from our own research, it looks like the Cooling Post is now the most popular dedicated air conditioning and refrigeration website in Europe.

“It’s certainly exciting times but we are still a long way short of where we want to eventually be,” Everitt added.

“We are particularly pleased for our advertisers, though, who are reaping the rewards for their support. Many of them have shown a long-term commitment and without them we would not exist. We will continue to direct our efforts to attracting even more potential customers to the website.”

“Being realistic, this latest huge rise needs some oxygen. We expect September, a weaker month, to show a slight downturn – but you never know, we thought that about August.”

Cooling Post visitor statistics for April to August 2015

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