Samsung 360 cassette wins by degrees


starbucksUK: Samsung’s pioneering 360 circular cassette has found favour with Starbuck’s first franchisee globally – 23.5 Degrees.

DCI Refrigeration & Electrical has completed the first two installations of the 360 cassette, which was launched last year, at new outlets in Emsworth and Ringwood in Hampshire.

With over 18,000 stores worldwide Starbucks plans to open 1000 franchise stores in the UK over the next 5-7 years. The first franchisee is Southampton-based 23.5 Degrees, named after the limits of the world’s main coffee growing area north and south of the equator.

The Samsung 360 cassette’s circular design is said to eliminate cold drafts and has the ability to change the direction of the air flow and how much air can be supplied to different sections of a room. This functionality was key for Starbucks at Emsworth as more air was needed in the counter area where the majority of the staff work. It also fits in well with the store’s spherical theme. 

Since this first installation in May, Starbucks has also installed the model in its Ringwood branch, with the potential for the unit to be installed in more branches throughout the UK.

At the Ringwood outlet the air conditioning systems works alongside an extraction system which utilises a direct driven acoustic-lined inline fan situated within the loft space.  This provides extraction to the front of house, back of house and store room.

In addition, the building was fitted with direct driven inline fans to provide extraction from the manager’s office and another for the customer restroom. A warm air curtain provides a thermal barrier at the drive thru servery window.

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