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Sauermann pump has sweet taste of success

FRANCE: The creation of fine chocolates and pastries requires constant environmental conditions but the production process can create maintenance problems for traditional air conditioning.

Preparing chocolates and pastries involves the heavy use of loose density particles, including a variety of colourants, flour, and cake sprays. These particles enter the cooling system and impact the condensation and condensate evacuation process.

A thick and sticky substance known as biofilm is formed just after the condensation and discharged via the condensate tube. This formation makes it hard for the detection unit to work properly, thus creating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

This was a problem encountered by L’Atelier de Valérie, a manufacturer and retailer of artisan-made chocolates and pastries based in Batz-sur-Mer, western France.

The four wall-mounted air conditioners installed across the manufacturing and shop areas run 24/7 due to the local climatic conditions. This required the ac units to be serviced every two months, leading to huge maintenance costs and wasted time.

The service engineer contacted condensate pump manufacturer Sauermann to find an answer.

By coincidence, Sauermann was already working on a condensate pump with a special detection unit. This was integrated on the pump and successfully tested over a few months. The result was Sauermann’s Si-30 Detect+ launched this month.

Since installation, there have been no condensate blockage incidents, and HVAC maintenance is now carried out as scheduled once a year.

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