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Spanish Spar choses A2L refrigeration system

SPAIN: Madrid-based equipment distributor Grupo Disco has supplied its first commercial refrigeration system running on A2L refrigerants to a Spar supermarket in Barcelona.

The new 600m2 Spar supermarket has a total refrigeration requirement of 40kW. To meet this demand, a refrigeration system consisting of two SZXD-72Y DUO A2L units was supplied by Madrid-based company Grupo Disco. 

Designed, with digital scroll compressors, the units are suitable for use with multiple refrigerants, including the lower GWP A2L blends R454C and R455A.

In this installation, carried out in conjunction with Girona-based contractor Instalaciones I Control Del Fred SL, the two DUOs run on R454C to supply the refrigeration demand of the 18 existing services in the supermarket. One unit supplies seven vertical, semi-vertical counters and display cases, while the second unit supplies the service to four cold rooms, a meat processing laboratory, two display cases, two vertical benches and two semi-vertical benches.

The SZXD A2L equipment modulates its capacity from 10 to 100% based on the cooling demand. They have floating condensation as standard and low consumption EC fans. 

To achieve maximum efficiency in the installation, all services are equipped with Danfoss AKV electronic expansion valves and incorporate a Danfoss remote management system with which it is possible to control and supervise the status of all refrigeration services, as well as alarms in real time. 

This project, already in operation, guarantees the client an environmentally friendly installation, with low energy consumption, with a reduced initial investment and optimal operation.

A further advantage is that the main and current components of the system – evaporators, condensers and pipes – can be used without having to be completely replaced, as would be essential in other possible solutions such as the switch to CO2.

With a GWP of just 148, the use of R454C also avoids Spanish F-gas taxes that are levied on all refrigerants above a GWP of 150.

Grupo Disco

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