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Synecore first with “invisible” VRV


UK: Maidstone-based M&E contractor Synecore claims a first UK installation of Daikin’s new “invisible” VRV air conditioning system at a fast food location in London.

Launched at the end of 2015, Daikin’s VRV IV i-Series has been designed for sensitive city and urban locations where space is limited and customers need to meet the stringent planning permissions and noise regulations.

This is achieved in the i-Series by separating the compressor and heat exchanger and bringing the whole system indoors.

Synecore installed the first system in the new upmarket fast food Leon restaurant in London’s Fenchurch Street earlier this year.  Synecore has provided HVAC design and installation for Leon sites for several years.

At the Leon restaurant, Synecore connected two 5hp i-Series – one to serve the restaurant area and one in the kitchen. The compressor was installed in a cupboard under the stairs, and the heat exchanger integrated within the ceiling. The outside vent is concealed by a glass canopy.

“Inside, the units could have been disguised fully, however, Leon prefer the industrial exposed look of the pipework and utilities,” Synecore’s HVAC manager, Gary Piper explains on the company’s website. “For Daikin this is a fantastic opportunity to show how the units look when installed, as you can see the neat heat exchanger units positioned above the front door and in the kitchen area.


“To be able to install such a discrete and highly efficient air conditioning system will hugely benefit many high street retailers across the UK, but particularly in London, where sourcing outside space for a condenser can be challenging,” Gary Piper adds.

Being installed inside, and within two parts, means the amount of pipe work is lessened, there is no requirement for a crane for rooftop installation, or costly sound insulation.


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