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TCUK makes hotel room control easy

UK: EasyHotel, the international value hotel chain, is equipping guest rooms with Toshiba Carrier UK’s new mini-touchscreen air conditioning controller. 

Linked to Toshiba SHRM-e three-pipe VRF air conditioning, the mini-touchscreen enables hotel guests to quickly and easily adjust the temperature and ventilation speed to create ideal comfort conditions in their rooms. 

 “Traditional air conditioning controllers are often complicated and difficult to use,” said David Dunn, managing director of TCUK. “In some cases, users may struggle to understand the symbols and navigate through complex menus. This is obviously not good for hotel guest satisfaction, or the reputation of air conditioning among the public.”

Toshiba Carrier designed the new controller to EasyHotel’s requirements, making it easy to use and complementary to the contemporary décor of the hotel rooms. 

The new mini-touchscreen room controller features a crystal-clear capacitive icon-driven screen and operates on the same principles as a Smart phone. It is designed to be intuitive for the end user and very simple to install for contractors.

 “Problems operating room air conditioning are one of the most frequent reasons guests call hotel reception,” said consultant David Yates, managing director of Beechfield Consulting Engineers Ltd. “We wanted to take a new approach to make it as easy as possible for guests to achieve their perfect comfort conditions.” The EasyHotel version has just three icons on the home screen – on/off, temperature and fan speed.

For installers, the unit uses the same two-wire connectivity as a standard controller. This allows the device to be easily installed onto new and existing systems, with no external power supply needed.  

The screen interface can be customised to match any room décor, with up to 30 different backgrounds available to create different moods, or sales messages. 

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