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Tecogen cultivates cannabis business

USA: Three 200 ton gas-engine-driven chillers have been supplied by Tecogen to a cannabis cultivation factory  in New Jersey.

The Tecochill chillers from Massachusetts-based company Tecogen will provide cooling for the cannabis grow rooms with the waste heat used for dehumidification.

New Jersey currently allows the sale of cannabis for medicinal purposes and will vote on expansion to recreational use this year. In anticipation of this, many cannabis cultivation owners are designing new or expanded grow operations.

This is not the first such order for Tecogen chillers. In 2017 the company supplied two Tecochill water chillers for a cannabis factory in Massachusetts. Similar orders had previously been received for installations in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Canada where the production and sale of cannabis has been legalised.

The Tecogen units will be installed and operational by the middle of this year and will include a factory service maintenance contract. Additional chiller orders are expected as the facility continues to expand further.

“This facility is owned by a multinational cannabis cultivation company with several sites located in the US and Canada,” Tecogen’s director of business development Stephen Lafaille. “Owners and operators understand the importance of lowering operating costs as the cannabis cultivation industry becomes increasingly competitive and consolidated. The Tecochill solution is often the most cost effective and reliable solutions for the substantial energy needs of indoor cultivation.”

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