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Top floor cooling needs Haier air conditioning

CZECH REPUBLIC: Four Haier MRV S air conditioning units have been installed to combat overheating on the upper floors of a prestigious new residential apartment block in Prague. 

Delivering cooling for the top three floors of the building while keeping noise levels to a minimum was the challenge facing the, appropriately named, local installer Cooltop. The problem was solved by combining low-noise Haier MRV S commercial outdoor units with 47 wall-mounted Haier Flexis indoor units. 

The system was designed on behalf of Cooltop by Haier’s Prague-based distributor Sokra. 

“There are strict laws about noise levels in residential areas of Prague but we had to look at ways of maintaining cooling in the summer heat and ensure that everyone had a good night’s sleep in a large residential building,” commented Sokra’s sales director Marek Begeni.

Haier Easy MRV valve boxes were also fitted to the outdoor units to take care of any possible noise issues surrounding the expansion valves.

With other building work happening around the air conditioning installation, the installers had to be patient and it took almost a year to complete the job. The total cooling capacity for the Prague installation is 113kW.

Haier’s Flexis indoor units include the UVC Pro lamp as a standard feature which generates UV rays to aid sterilisation for a healthier, cleaner, room air environment. It has also been independently tested by Texcell to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the unit to 99.991% effectiveness. 

Flexis also includes the Haier Eco Sensor function which can direct airflow to wherever people are located.

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