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Toshiba helps future-proof Cheshire house

UK: Toshiba heating and cooling equipment used in combination with solar photovoltaics and battery storage have helped to future-proof a five-bedroom home in Cheshire.

Two 11kW Toshiba ESTIA air-to-water heat pumps operating on R32 refrigerant were installed at the 5,500ft2 (511m2) property, alongside two Toshiba MiNi VRF systems.

These are supplemented by a 16kW solar PV installation plus 11kW of battery storage and measures including triple-glazing. 

Homeowner and renewables consultant Dave Meseck says the property is now “energy-neutral” during the summer months, with generated and stored energy offsetting electricity consumed from the grid.

One of the ESTIA systems serves around 90m2 of underfloor heating in the open-plan kitchen and dining area, while the other provides hot water and heats the upstairs radiators and towel rails from a supplied 300 litre cylinder. The ESTIA indoor units include a 3kW back-up heater to ensure continuity of operation at extreme low ambient air temperatures.

A 6hp (15.5kW) Toshiba MiNi SMMSe VRF is connected to ducted units in the bedrooms and two of the newly designed compact 3.6kW one-way cassettes downstairs, which has been designed to fit between the joists on a traditional home. The second 5hp (14kW) system provides heating and cooling for the room above a triple garage via a 5.6kW Toshiba four-way cassette, while the garage space below, where a spa area is planned, is served by two wall-mounted units.

“The whole system has been running since December last year and the way it has transformed the house is fantastic,’’ said David Meseck. “It was important to get everything right; the project was sized correctly and the equipment installed properly. Together with the other measures, we now have an efficient, all-electric heating system with the added benefit of cooling in summer, and the annual servicing cost is comparable to boiler cover. 

“As well as helping to future-proof our home and reducing energy costs, the changes have added value to the property.

Peter Franks, MD of Mansfield-based installer Woburn Mechanical Services Ltd, added: “This is by some distance the biggest domestic project we have undertaken. The customer knew exactly what he wanted and now has a comprehensive heating and cooling system.’’

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