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VFD retrofit saves 35% in energy costs

UK/COSTA RICA: Variable frequency drives retrofitted to a supermarket refrigeration system in Costa Rica is said to have achieved energy savings of 35%.

Specialist US-based HVACR software manufacturer Falkonair Inc partnered with EcoPower, a contractor in Costa Rica, to retrofit multiple systems at the supermarket. They used Optidrive Eco VFDs from UK company Invertek Drives on the supermarket’s refrigeration rack system and roof top package units.

Falkonair’s product, the Smart Compressor Control (SCC), was utilised to enable inefficient fixed speed compressors to be converted to variable speed systems. The Smart Compressor Control uses an algorithm that maintains oil return, maintains a satisfied discharge temperature, and maintains a satisfied suction temperature entering the compressors.

The Optidrive Eco, 3PH, 480V and 230V VFDs with both IP55 enclosures were mounted on both the roof and in the refrigeration plant room. These drives were installed on both Bitzer and Copeland Discus reciprocating and LG scroll compressors.

In addition to the energy savings, the system is said to have reduced downtime which is critical for a retailer with a large refrigeration system.

Invertek Drives

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