Adiabatic gas cooler for transcritical CO2

CHILLVENTA 2016 PREVIEW: Visitors to the Güntner stand will discover a range of new Güntner, JAEGGI and Thermowave brand products.

Guntner-GGDCThe new Güntner GGDC gas cooler diagonal compact equipped with humidification pad and Güntner GHM Hydro Management humidification control, is designed to increase the efficiency of transcritical CO2 systems in higher ambients.

This newly developed unit with adiabatic air pre-cooling is said to allow for efficient operation of transcritical CO2 plants in regions where ambient temperatures climb above +40°C. The GGDC with its maximum operating pressure of 120 bar and a maximum operating temperature of +150°C provides a capacity range of up to approximately 300 kW.

The specifically developed GHM control continuously controls the water volume according to the heat exchanger’s load requirement (fan speed) as well as the measured ambient temperature and humidity. This way, the wetting water distribution is constantly and ideally adjusted to the operating conditions.

As water/ethylene glycol mixtures are classified as fluids hazardous to water in Germany, operators of dry cooling plants usually use a closed circuit system for water protection. The Güntner Glycol Guard is described as a sophisticated glycol collection system with reliable monitoring of the ethylene glycol concentration of the waste water.

The system’s core is a specific sensor with integrated cleaning function developed by Güntner.

With a precision of +/-0.3 % of glycol concentration, the operator can immediately react to minimum leakage and thus maintain the functionality of the plant.


Refrigerating and dry cooling systems are becoming more and more complex with different technologies –  dry coolers, adiabatic units, hybrid dry coolers or evaporative condensers – often being combined for heat dissipation. Each is equipped with an individual control specifically adjusted to the respective unit and integrated individually into the superordinate building management system (BMS).

The new Güntner Masterpanel now provide a central interface to the superordinate system consolidating all the subordinate controllers. Besides the standard technology such as Modbus

RTU and Profibus DB, Güntner now also offers industrial ethernet protocols like BaCnet/IP and Modbus/TCP.


Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 11-13
Hall 7, stand 124


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