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Advanced has new look and new cleaning gels

UK: Air conditioning and refrigeration cleaning chemicals specialist, Advanced Engineering, has new branding and a new range of cleaning gels for 2020.

Just over a year on from its acquisition by Aspen Pumps, Advanced Engineering has been given a new look in what the company describes as an effort “to better align with its forward-thinking approach to product innovation”. 

At the same time, the company is releasing a new range of gel concentrates in convenient pouches. The gel versions are available for its already established Universal Coil Cleaner, Evaporator Cleaner & Disinfectant, Condensate Drain Unblocker, Condenser Cleaner and Ice Machine Cleaner products. 

The AdvancedGel pouches make 8 litres of final product which can be simply mixed with water by the engineer on site. Engineers also reap benefits as the compact gels mean far less van space is taken up and their lightweight design makes them easy to carry to site. 

As well as providing benefits for the engineer, they are said to allow wholesalers to offer next day shipping with any courier, while requiring significantly less storage space. 

“We wanted to create a product which supported us on the journey to reduce our environmental impact, as well as making life easier for the engineer,” said Kajally Jobe, head of research and development at Advanced. “Adding either hot or cold water to the gels on site guarantees that the active ingredients are optimally dosed while still providing the same strong cleaning power as their counterpart concentrate product and reducing lifetime costs.” 

“This is an exciting time for Advanced,” said Advanced UK sales director Scott Davies. “We have extensive brand presence in stores and so we will be rolling out the new branding right away.” 

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