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Advansor CO2 rack offers cooling and heating

DENMARK: Danish OEM Advansor has launched the CuBig II, an energy-efficient CO2 rack combining cooling and heating in one compact unit for larger supermarkets, cold storage and industrial applications.

The new CuBig II is said to include many energy-saving technologies, including permanent magnet motors on all compressors, and frequency converters on the MT1 and LT1 compressors, as standard equipment. It also has optional heat recovery, using the excess heat from the cooling processes for space heating or hot water production. 

“We have invested heavily in designing and developing the most energy-efficient options, and with advanced energy saving technologies like ultra-low superheat, COP Hunter, and Liquid Power Cooler, we are looking at energy savings up to 60%,” said Advansor CEO Kristian Breitenbauch.

The CuBig II is only 800mmm wide, so fits through normal doors, and can be installed outside if required.

According to technical director Kenneth Bank Madsen, the CuBig II combines the flexibility from smaller racks with the strength and capacity from Advansor’s larger racks like the SteelX. This means you get 450kW of cooling capacity and 600kW of heating on a small frame based on flexible copper piping.”

“In addition, the compressors have free seating, and everything is placed within the frame, making it possible to design high-capacity racks down to 2.8m in length,” Madsen added.

The maximum receiver capacity is now 648L and 450L for a single receiver.


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