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Aermec to launch 3-pipe hydronic system

ITALY: Aermec is set to launch a water-based fan coil system for the heating and cooling of buildings using just three water pipes.

The 3WP system, officially launched at this week’s online Mostra Convegno (MCE) event, is said to combine all the known advantages of refrigerant-based VRF systems and 4-pipe hydronic fan coils. 

While two- and four-pipe hydronic HVAC systems continue to be popular, they can be costly to install. As well as having less pipework and lower investment and installation costs, Aermec’s new system is said to be easy to design and repair, and offers unlimited flexibility in capacity and system distances. Above all, it is said to be much less expensive.

Based upon the wide range of Aermec’s multi-purpose NRP models, the 3WP is described as a complete solution and comes in a range from 40 to 950kW in cascade. All designed and made inside the Aermec’s Italian factory, the new internal heat exchangers in the fan coils are said to operate on a high, elevated ∆T with a significantly reduced mass flow. Without compromising the thermal capacity, the performance and efficiency has even increased compared to the previous technology. In addition, lower water flows result in extra savings in pumping energy and additional economic benefits.

Aermec maintains that the 3WP boasts an impressive saving of 29% in investment costs and ongoing operational energy savings, and is the ideal answer to create near-zero-energy buildings. 

MCE 2021 show starts live tomorrow, April 8, and April, with access being granted to participants for a further seven days to April 16. Further information on MCE 2021 here.

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