Aquasnap chiller with Greenspeed intelligence

Carrier30RBPCarrier has added a new dimension to its AquaSnap line of chillers by introducing the 30RBP with Greenspeed intelligence, which enables higher efficiency and optimised performance.

This new AquaSnap features enhanced scroll compressors designed for better full-load efficiency at the operating point of an air-cooled chiller. It also uses high-efficiency variable-speed condenser fans, providing an ideal fan-operating sequence for optimal air flow across the condenser, which supports higher efficiency when running at part-load conditions. The 30RBP reaches an ESEER of up to 4.3.

The AquaSnap with Greenspeed intelligence also uses new software designed to optimise usage of compressors, fans and circuits. The new software constantly calculates the most efficient fan speed and water flow rate based on the load and ambient conditions, and controls them precisely to this pressure through continuous feedback and adjustment.

“The 30RBP with Greenspeed intelligence is a fantastic addition to the AquaSnap line,” said Didier Genois, director, engineering and marketing, HVAC Europe. “We’ve integrated several new technologies that allow the unit to run more intelligently and efficiently. In addition, the new unit is built in line with existing products, so service teams are already familiar with this platform.”


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