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Bio-Beta joins biofilm fight

UK: Gel-clear’s condensate drain tablets – so successful in preventing blocked drains in refrigerated display cabinets – are now part of an extended armoury of products in the fight against biofilm.

Gel-clear has now announced the introduction of Bio-Beta, a four-part solution for HVACR and food retail refrigeration experts. In addition to Gel-clear tablets, the Bio-Beta range includes Bio-Seta, a retrofit pipe support, Bio-Connecta, a backwash overflow preventing header pipe connector, and Bio-Beta Pumps, a range of fail-safe condensate pumps.

Over 30% of reactive maintenance call outs are said to be for drain issues. According to Gel-clear, of those, over 80% centre around four areas: biofilm blocking drains; case plumbing laid flat to the floor; pump discharge line failures; and biofilm causing condensate pump failure.

Biofilm, itself, is blamed for up to 40% of retail refrigeration maintenance costs, and 90% of condensate drain blockages. Preventing the build-up of biofilm means making life easier for everyone responsible for retail refrigeration units, from store managers to drainage contractors.

With a deep understanding of the problem, Gel-clear MD Paurick Gaughan drew on 30 years of experience in HVACR and condensate management to develop the Gel-clear drain tablet.

Its effectiveness in preventing biofilm buildup was recognised when it won Refrigeration Product of the Year at the RAC Cooling Awards in 2016 and the HIVE Innovation Award 2017. Now, eight of the big 10 UK food retailers are said to use Gel-clear tablets.

The new line of products are, like Gel-clear tablets, said to be easy to install/retrofit with no disruption to trading.

Bio-Seta: the adjustable pipe chair

Bio-Seta is a robust, locking, adjustable pipe chair for HVACR condensate drain pipes beneath the cabinet. Biofilm’s best friend is drainage pipes laid flat. Bio-Seta ensures condensate pipes are installed at precise inclines.

At 95mm high, it’s small enough to fit beneath low profile cabinets, yet delivers an adjustment range of 90mm, from a minimum 5mm invert level to a maximum 139mm. It is purpose developed for fast, simple retrofit to existing flat case plumbing.

Bio-Connecta: a backwash overflow preventing header pipe connector

Bio-Connecta is a header pipe connector that prevents the backwash overflow that can lead to water leaks and ceiling damage.

With a built-in air intake valve, it is fully compliant with the gravity drainage systems standard BS EN 12056-2:2000. It fits industry-standard 40mm solvent weld pipes.

Bio-Beta Pumps: fitted with operational failsafes

Finally, Bio-Beta Pumps is a range of condensate pumps for refrigeration cabinets and cold rooms. Fitted with operational failsafes, it is described as a low cost, high-performance alternative when you only need to pump one unit. A trapped stainless steel sump means the cabinet doesn’t need a drain trap, it can drop directly into the trapped sump. The pump has a high-level alarm, and a non-return valve on the discharge, 500l/h, and a 5m head. And it come with a 5-year warranty.


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