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Burr-OakAHR EXPO 2016 PREVIEW: Coil machinery manufacturer Burr Oak Tool will give presentations on a variety of useful subjects as a part of its informative seminar series.

As well as being on hand to answer questions about the heat exchanger production industry and the company’s innovative new Phoenix pressure expander, Burr Oak Tool will also offer a number of seminars throughout the three-day show.

A seminar explaining the innovative, production-enhancing features of the latest Oak coil manufacturing and tube processing machines, as well as how to retrofit these new options to older machines, will take place on Monday, January 25 at 11am and repeated at 5pm on Tuesday, January 26. This presentation will also offer an overview of future advances in OAK coil and tube processing machines.

The challenges and advantages associated with moving to small-diameter tubes, in addition to the characteristics of small-diameter microgroove compared to microchannel tubes, will be the subject of a presentation on Monday, January 25 at 3pm and again at 11am on Tuesday, January 26.

A joint presentation with Luvata will focus on the challenges created by decreasing tube diameters.

This will take place on Monday, January 25 at 5pm, Tuesday, January 26 at 3pm, and Wednesday January 27 at 11am. This seminar will also enable attendees to learn about fin press tonnage requirements, fin handling, hairpin manufacture and handling, aluminium tube handling, and tube and coil expansion.

Non-invasive Pressure Expansion is the title of a seminar being held on Tuesday, January 26 at 1pm and Wednesday, January 27 at 1pm. This will explore how new Oak Phoenix pressure expansion technology is pioneering the production of high-efficiency heat exchangers using small-diameter microgroove tubing. This seminar will focus on the innovation behind the production-enhancing technology of pressure expansion, as well as the extensive engineering, testing, and validation that was involved with creating the Phoenix.

Seminar attendees who place a machine order within three months of the show will receive free machine set-up. Those who attend the Phoenix-specific seminar and place an order within three months will receive free machine set-up, as well as 10% off the purchase price of a Triumph hairpin bender. Register online at

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