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Carel controller offers fast response

ITALY: Carel has extended its range of pCO programmable air conditioning and refrigeration controllers with the addition of a new unit with faster response.

The pCO5+ HS (high speed) is said to offer improved performance both in terms of application times – start-up and cycle – and upgrade speed. Carel says this improved controller performance translates into faster unit set-up and quicker system management when commissioning in the field.

Native integration of the USB port further simplifies maintenance: the data logger files saved on the controller can be simply and quickly copied to a USB flash drive or PC, for detailed analysis.

The calculation speed of the pCO5+ HS also means it can respond more quickly and precisely to variations in the main unit input values – temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.

The pCO5+ HS comes with two built-in serial interfaces, two expansion slots and two USB ports. The controller also features a wide range of optional cards for managing the communication protocols  – Modbus, Carel, BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, HTTP, SNMP. Communication with Carel apps can also be implemented using 1tool.

A version is also available with two built-in electronic expansion valve drivers and an optional Ultracap module for integrated energy saving management.

The pCO controllers can connect to devices such as electronic valve drivers, power+ for managing DC compressors, integration with the Carel IoT portal for diagnostics and predictive maintenance and machine learning optimisation logic.

The new controller is compatible with the entire range of pCO3 and pCO5 controllers, in terms of both hardware (pin-to-pin compatible) and software.


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