Carel pCO5+ controller

Gamma_pCO5plusThe pCO5+ programmable controllers from Carel are said to offer a powerful combination of features and efficiency. 

Working closely with manufacturers to improve control algorithms has enabled Carel to deliver impressive energy efficiency levels with some specific advantages for the manufacturer. The pCO5+ allows OEMs to incorporate and protect their own intellectual property, thus maintaining competitive advantage and protecting their investment in research and development.

Not only are CAREL in the perfect position to develop bespoke applications flexible enough to match manufacturers’ specific needs, but their experience has also been distilled into a complete OEM applications library so that a myriad of functions, from the simplest to the most complex, are readily available – tried, tested and ready to use.

Incorporating a custom-designed universal I/O silicon chip – the result of a €1m investment – the pCO5+ is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of supervisory and communications systems. It also offers a range of easy to use, intuitive user interfaces that can be branded to the manufacturer, including touchscreen thin film transistor displays.

The pCO5+ incorporates Ultracap technology, which means a battery module/solenoid valve is no longer required for EEV closure, and distributed control. It is perfectly compatible with Carel pCO3 and pCO5 controllers.

“The pCO5+ combines our r&d innovation with years of hvac oem specialist experience,” said Jesse Poulton, national sales manager – hvac oem Ddivision, at Carel UK.

“The promise of EU seasonal efficiency ratings and the quest for PUE unity in data centres represent a couple of examples of why the hvac market is under increasing pressure to achieve greater unit efficiency. Working in partnership with Carel allows manufacturers to benefit from our unique oem knowledge, service and support, while delivering greater performance and protecting intellectual property.”

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