Carrier offers “natural” choice freezer

carrier-velandoGERMANY: Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe has opted for “natural” refrigerants for use with its new Velando Compact Space (CS) freezer.

Said to offer retailers a combination of modern design, modularity and best-in-class energy efficiency, the Velando is described as the ideal solution for supermarkets and convenience stores seeking increased floor space and consistent store layout.

With a depth of just 770mm, the Velando CS freezer features large glass surface and optional panorama sidewalls for increased product visibility and enhanced presentation. Without the sidewalls, the unit is multiplexible.

It is available in both plug-in and remote configurations. The remote freezer works with Carrier’s pioneering CO2OLtec system, using carbon dioxide refrigerant, while the plug-in freezer uses propane (R290).

Both models are said to come equipped with energy-saving fans, electronic temperature control, optional LED lighting and non-heated doors for maximum efficiency.

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