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Carrier updates hourly analysis programme

USA: Carrier has released a new version of the Hourly Analysis Programme (HAP), its peak load and energy modelling software. 

HAP is a dual function programme – full-featured load calculation and system sizing for commercial buildings plus versatile hour-by-hour energy modelling. It offers graphical input features for rapidly assembling a 3D building model.

Based on feedback from users, the new HAP v6 is said to include powerful new features for graphically defining the building model. An engineer sketches over building floor plans to define boundaries of rooms, and the software automatically calculates dimensions and areas.

It integrates with the US Department of Energy’s EnergyPlus calculation engine and uses the ASHRAE Heat Balance load calculation method to represent building physics more accurately.

A global weather library including 7,400 stations is included. Existing features for modelling the energy performance of modern HVAC equipment and controls have been upgraded to help building owners better meet their sustainability and environmental targets for greenhouse emissions.


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