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Ciat adds higher capacity rooftops

SPAIN: Ciat has extended its Vectios range of packaged rooftop air conditioning units with its new higher capacity VectiosPower series.

The new range covers capacities from 100 to 310kW with airflow up to 54,000m3/h, extending the existing lower capacity Vectios rooftop range (from 20 to 90kW). 

The Eurovent-certified VectiosPower units are said to exceed Ecodesign 2021 requirements by up to 38% and have an SEER of up to 4.88 and SCOP of up to 3.44. This represents a 50% energy savings in cooling mode and around 15% energy improvement in heating mode compared to the previous Ciat Space range. 

Designed to reduce energy consumption to the minimum, the unit features a free-cooling option for additional energy savings of up to 30%, energy recovery from extraction air options through an additional refrigeration circuit or rotary wheel, low pressure filters, on-demand ventilation and other energy recovery systems.

Thanks to design optimisation and use of lightweight aluminium panels, the unit is said to offer up to 25% weight reduction and up to 10% footprint reduction. The unit also guarantees low noise level during operation with a reduction of 7dB(A) in radiated power sound level versus the previous range.


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