Ciat offers online fan coil selection tool

FRANCE:  A web-based fan selection tool has been developed by Ciat to speed up the production of project quotes for installers and designers.

The sheer number and diversity of fan coil equipment options and designs can be confusing, making it difficult to specify the right technology for a particular project.

To address this, Ciat says its online tool will speed up the selection process and minimise errors in specifying equipment for a project.

Ciat’s product portfolio includes four different ranges and up to six different chassis sizes by range and many model capacity sizes in each range. In addition, units can be dressed in a number of ways and come with the option of standard or high efficiency EC fan, standard filter or EPURE filter, as well as several plenum and valve options. There’s also a selection of choices for the controls. The possible combinations and permutations of these variants run into the thousands.

The new selection tool takes installers step-by-step through the selection process, producing a detailed list that can then be plugged into the project design and cost for the customer.To assist with project designs, BIM icons are available for each FCU unit for incorporation into a design plan from the CIAT website.


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