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Clivet extends R32 chiller to large installations

ITALY: Clivet has extended the capacity of its WSAN-YSC4 Spinchiller4 multiscroll heat pump with R32 refrigerant up to 1260kW.

Originally launched in 2021 with capacities from 215 to 655kW, the WSAN-YSC4 series has now been extended with models with capacities from 670 to 1260kW to satisfy a growing demand for use in large installations.

Two energy versions are available: Excellence (EXC) distinguished by its high SEER values up to 4.86 and Premium (PRM), which offers an SEER up to 4.64.

Multiscroll tecnology, high efficiency EC fans with continuous speed regulation, are some of the technologies available on Spinchiller4, along with three acoustic configurations. The standard acoustic configuration (ST), acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC) which cuts noise by -4/-5 dB(A) compared to the standard configuration and super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN) allowing a noise reduction of -8/-9 dB(A).

Four refrigeration circuits, up to 16 step capacity regulation up, hot water production up to +55°C and a wide operating range in heating down to -15°C external temperature, satisfy multiple operating conditions.

Customers can also choose plate heat exchangers – standard choice – or shell and tube heat exchangers.


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