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Clivet R32 rooftops with energy recovery

ITALY: The new ClivetPack 3i range of R32 rooftop units include Clivet’s own energy recovery feature. 

The new series, now available in 59kW and 78kW sizes, is equipped with full inverter technology on both compressors and fans, dual refrigerant circuits, and Clivet’s new patented REVO thermodynamic recovery.

The energy contained in exhaust air is recovered on a portion of the external exchanger, through a dedicated ventilating section to improve the thermal level of the refrigerant fluid circulating in the exchanger. 

High seasonal efficiencies are promised with SEER and SCOP said to be 30% higher than the requirements of the ErP standard.

Available accessories include a removable and washable drain pan in ABS, new iFD electronic filter technology, F8 filter in addition to F7, capacity meter, UV-C lamp in a dedicated module, remote temperature and humidity probes, remote control via Clivet Eye cloud service.

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