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Compact Toshiba single-fan VRF CUs

UK: Toshiba Air Conditioning has introduced two new compact, single-fan, inverter-based VRF outdoor condensing units, for use in applications with restricted space.

Available in 4hp and 5hp versions, the height of the units is reduced by 26% compared with the company’s previous condensing unit, while weight is reduced by 16kg, making it easier for installers to handle on site.

Powered by single-phase electrical supply, they use Toshiba’s highly twin-rotary, direct-current compressor. The units also feature a new large diameter fan propeller, designed to move large volumes of air with low sound levels. The fan includes anti-eddy projections to minimise turbulence and further improve efficiency.

The 4hp version (MCY-MHP0406HT-E) offers cooling duty of up to 12.1kW, and heating up to 12.5kW, while the 5hp unit (MCY-MHP0506HT-E) delivers up to 14kW of cooling and 16kW of heating.

They are compatible with the full range of applicable Toshiba VRF indoor units, and offer connection from 2 up to 10 indoor units on the 5hp and up to 8 indoor units on the 4hp.

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