Compressor protection sensor

HB comp protwebThe new HBCP sensor from Danish manufacturer HB Products is said to be the first capable of measuring the condition of gas and liquid refrigerant in a refrigeration system.

Designed to detect gas quality in the intake of refrigeration compressors, the sensor ensures that liquid refrigerant does not enter the compressor to damage the moving parts. The sensor has a high sensitivity and fast response, and even detects small liquid droplets before they become critical for the compressor.

In the event of liquid hammer, an instantaneous alarm is sent to the compressor control, which can then signal an emergency stop to the compressor. The sensor measures the total gas and liquid capacity, which can be read in pF.

The sensor has built-in data logging. All alarms are saved, so the HBCP also functions as a datalogger, recording up to 16,000 readings with programmable time intervals.

Set up using a PC, the sensor allows for adjustments to match the system and the compressor.

The HBCP is designed for installation in systems using ammonia or HFC refrigerants and is available in two different sizes: ¾in for pipe sizes less than 2in and the 1in for larger pipe sizes.

HB Products are available in the UK and Ireland from Thermofrost Cryo Plc.

Technical information on the HBCP is available on the HB Products website.

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