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Blue DiamondCHILLVENTA 2014 PREVIEW: Supplying internationally to markets across the world, BlueDiamond has seen continued success within the condensate removal pump market.

Continued investment in house product development and manufacturing processes has allowed BlueDiamond to not only keep up with demand but to develop a range of condensate removal pumps that resolves a list of common failings and weaknesses faced by installers on a regular basis.

The complete BlueDiamond range uses an identical patented pumping principle called rotary diaphragm which is said to offer unmatched reliability. BlueDiamond’s patented principle has been used in a variety of OEM medical and food/beverage applications, however the technology has now been adapted directly towards the condensate removal market. The condensate is drawn into the pump by vacuum and mechanically driven by a reinforced elastomer diaphragm to the outlet under pressure. This allows the range to tolerate suspended solids and slurries that can be found in the condensate helping to prevent call outs to stalled or clogged mini piston pumps. Split peristaltic tubes and worn gearboxes are a thing of the past, helping to save big on installation and in service beyond. 

The rotary diaphragm technology is inherently reliable and backed by a three year warranty; it offers the end user numerous advantages. Unlike many other products on the market, BlueDiamond pumps can pump both air and water, allowing it to be mounted in any orientation. The BlueDiamond range senses condensate by an electronic sensor and in most cases only operates when condensate is present, therefore offering an energy efficient alternative solution. 

BlueDiamond offers complete flexibility with every installation, all pumps are quick and easy to install with no maintenance or servicing required – plug and play, fit and forget. BlueDiamond condensate pumps are silent, running less than 21dbA when both wet and dry.

Alongside the full Blue Diamond condensate removal pump range, the company will also be introducing the new ArcticBlue.

As the BlueDiamond™ brand grows; the range of high performance condensate pumps is expanding, along with a number of sensing options and accessories to accompany the pumps. The fit and forget range of condensate pumps offer a flow rate from 8-50l/hr, this high performance accompanied by a three year warranty gives customers complete piece of mind.

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Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 14-16 2014
Hall 6, Stand 408

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