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Controls broadside

CHILLVENTA 2014 PREVIEW: Resource Data Management (RDM) is launching a raft of new products at this year’s Chillventa, and introducing a number of important developments to existing products. 

The company, which recently revealed ambitious plans to accelerate its global growth, is unveiling no fewer than 20 new products this year, including an industry first with on-board fibre-optic connectivity, to deliver unmatched speed and power.

Touch XL

touchXLThe newest member of RDM’s touch-screen family, the slimline Touch XL incorporates a large HD 10in touch-screen interface, audio sounder and USB port, CAN Bus, POE Ethernet and fibre with flexible installation options for wall- or panel-mounting.

This multi-function device can act as a remote display, orbit Data Manager repeater console or stand-alone controller, and has a customisable graphic display for easy access to data and settings from an RDM Intuitive controller.

As an orbit console connected to a dmTouch LAN, it can act as an additional user interface and alarm console, with the same menus and screens, making it easy and quick to use for operators.

Key advantages include flexible communication options, IP allowing the controller to be sited hundreds of meters from the controller and CANbus, enabling the Touch XL to act as an intelligent controller and display in one, eliminating the need for two separate products.

It can accommodate multiple power supply options, including a choice of either POE or a low voltage 24V supply.

TDB Editor 2

tdbThe smart new TDB Editor 2 represents a major advance with improved design and lay-out, making it easier to access key features – reducing programming time.

Multiple TDB programs can be opened in a single TDB Editor session, streamlining program management. Users can easily copy elements of a TDB strategy from one TDB program to another, further reducing development time.

Other important developments include selectable Tool Boxes to suit the needs of the engineer, allowing users to create programs more quickly; My Tool Box, which allows programmers to produce a customisable list of blocks; and Top Tool Box, which automatically populates a tool box with the blocks used most by the programmer. Built-in user documentation is now available via the Help menu.

Fibre-optic communications

In an industry first, RDM’s Data Manager will be equipped with fibre-optic communications, enabling a connection from either a Mercury Switch or the new TouchXL. This will allow data to be transmitted over extended distances of up to 2km. This is said to represent a huge leap forward when compared with CAT5 IP networks, which transmit up to 100m before requiring a network switch or repeater to extend by a further 100m, and so on.

With its greater bandwidth, fibre can transmit much more data than CAT5 patch cable. As the amount of data used to control buildings and industrial process increases over time, the ability to move large amounts of information across distances very quickly and efficiently will become increasingly important.

Fibre communications offer much greater resilience from EMC-related interference, providing a more robust and reliable network connection. This makes installation of cabling easier, as they can run alongside power cables and in close proximity to electrically noisy equipment, which could otherwise affect conventional cabling systems.

A further advantage of fibre is that, being non-conductive, it is immune from voltage surges.

Kwheb energy dashboard

KhWebRDM’s new Kwheb energy dashboard is said to give end users unprecedented information on, and control over energy usage at individual store, national estate or global level.

The internet-based system draws together data from all energy-using equipment on a network, and presents it in clear graphical form, enabling users to get an immediate at-a-glance view of current energy usage as well as historical trends.

Kwheb harnesses the ability of RDM products to configure and control energy-using plant, while reading a wide range of smart power meters and pulse counters. This gives users the ability progressively to optimise equipment, while seeing the resultant changes in energy burn in real time.

It can focus on any scale of resolution, from a single item of plant, a store, building or factory, up to a national or global estate made up of many thousands of locations.

Once base energy costs have been set, it displays the cost of energy used in a range of currencies, and enables historical comparisons to be made between energy consumption for the current period against the same period last year, last month or last week.

Data Manager Dynamic – real time graphing

Data Manager’s new dynamic real time graphing feature, which can be added to web pages and also viewed from the dmTouch HD touchscreen, displays the control value for a device on a dedicated mimic/animation and updates in real-time. For example, a control value selected could be the control temperature from a case controller or the suction pressure from a pack controller.

Data can refresh as quickly as 15 second intervals, with the graphical read-out time-stamped, and with an option for high and low alarm limits to be shown on the animation. This enables the user to see at-a-glance how far they are from being over or under temperature, for example, or how close to high or low pressure alarms.

Smart controllers

A new range of smart, competitively priced controllers are aimed at applications such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

The controllers use pre-programmed software for mainstream refrigeration applications, such as chill – medium temp, chill – low temp, and frozen, making them easy to set-up.

Enclosure options suit various applications, including DIN mounting or panel mount.

An optional add-on IP communication interface enables networking to a Data Manager or 485 communications using Modbus protocol. Options include one probe or two probes with one, two or three outputs. End users can change the set-up and parameters using three push buttons on the front of the panel. The RDM Caesium programming key can be used to program multiple controllers with the same values on the production line.

Mercury Mk3 controller

The new generation of Mercury controllers builds on the success of the Mercury Mk2, offering extended capabilities, power and ease of use. It comes with a choice of RS232 communication, allowing it to connect to an IP Futura module or mercury switch, or built-in IP communication, giving easier flexibility.

The Mercury Mk 3 offers flexible I/O options – 10 inputs and five outputs, made up of six resistive temperature probe inputs, two dedicated digital inputs, 1 x 0-10V and 1 x 4-20mA  analogue inputs, and five relay outputs.

Intuitive Mercury wi-fi Interface

The Intuitive Mercury currently has on-board communication options for IP, RS232, RS485 and Wireless Mesh. RDM has now introduced a wi-fi communications option to further enhances the already comprehensive on-board communication choices.

The wi-fi daughter card can be fitted as an option to an Intuitive Mercury controller, and allows connection to a standard wi-fi network. Internal or external antenna options are available to suit the application.

Use of wi-fi overcomes the need for a full site wired infrastructure, saving time and cost during installation and offering greater flexibility for control and monitoring solutions. It uses industry standard WPA2 wireless encryption for enhanced security.

It also enables the Integrate of the Intuitive Mercury into an existing wi-fi network for quick and easy installation.

Intuitive wi-fi interface (PR0650 Platform)

RDM has also introduced a USB wi-fi adapter allowing the Intuitive to interact with a standard wi-fi network. The optional accessory, fitted to an Intuitive controller during ordering or can be retrofitted onsite, offers similar connectively, cost and convenience benefits highlighted above.

230V Intuitive Mercury stepper package

Having an identified an opportunity in the market, RDM has partnered with Sporlan to offer a turnkey solution incorporating a stepper valve. The kits, which include the Parker Sporlan stepper valve SER AA to D range of valves, delivers optimum value for money and simplicity when ordering.

The new hardware, design based on the existing low voltage Intuitive Mercury Stepper platform (PR0752/PR0762), has the same advanced features and functionality, with addition of being mains powered. The internal switch mode power supply allows operation worldwide. Without the need for external low voltage supply, it is cost-competitive and easier to install.

The RDM Intuitive power store (optional) offers additional protection and peace of mind by closing the stepper valve in the event of power failure. Flexible packages offer low-cost solutions which include: Intuitive Mercury Stepper (mains powered), built-in daughter board for pressure transducer support, Intuitive Power Store, built-in IP Network Interface, Parker Stepper Valve and Lead, and four temperature probes, optional fused or non-fused relay outputs CT Din.

CT Din 

This is based on an existing product packaged in the DIN enclosure. In standard DIN 43800 format, the USB Plus DIN is easily Din rail mountable (EN50022) or panel mountable to suit applications.

The current monitor can be used with the RDM Intuitive Superpack controller, with the module allowing up to five current measurements via transducers, with the resultant current consumption of each compressor logged by the Superpack. 

Alarm limits can be configured to indicate when a compressor is drawing too much or too little current. This provides an indication of a compressor-related failure or highlights potential inefficient operation. This information can also be used by the Superpack to act as a run-proof signal to validate a compressor.

Key features include: support for current or voltage CTs; plug-and-play connections at both controller and current monitor allow users easy options for routing of cables; uses standard USB A to USB B connection lead; up to 2 modules can be powered from the two USB host ports on the Superpack controller without the need for an external power supply.

USB DIN – 8 channel pulse input module

Designed for monitoring consumption of energy, water, gas and so on, this is also based on an existing product repackaged in the DIN enclosure. In standard DIN 43800 format, the USB Pulse DIN can again be easily DIN rail-mounted (EN 50022) or panel-mounted to suit applications.

The pulse reader module can be used with RDM Intuitive TDB controllers and Data Manager. The module allows 8 pulse inputs to be read simultaneously and used by the TDB program operating in a controller, and up to 3 modules can be used with a single controller – giving a maximum of 24 pulse inputs. Pulse inputs are Volt free switching, typically from a utility meter or flow measurement device. 

Pulses as short as 10ms can be read and plug-and-play connections on both controller and pulse module give users easy options for routing cables.

485 din

This RS485 to IP module is used to convert RS485 Modbus® traffic from a third party network into Modbus TCP/IP traffic for use with an RDM dmTouch. It allows RS485 Modbus devices, such as energy meters, to log on to an IP network, reducing wiring complexity and installation costs and increasing flexibility.

It is based on an existing product repackaged in a DIN enclosure. In standard DIN 43800 format, the 485 DIN is easily DIN rail-mountable (EN 50022) or panel-mountable to suit the application.

In Out IP Din

This new IP In/Out DIN offers an easy-to-fit, reliable and affordable interface to enable RDM controls to be connected to an IP Ethernet network switch or Hub for monitoring purposes, eg via an RDM Data Manager .

Available in standard DIN 43800 format, it offers IP In/Out DIN easily DIN rail-mountable (EN 50022) or panel-mountable to suit the need. The IP In/Out DIN can provide a gateway for controllers, allowing them to be fully configured remotely – and in a system with full Internet access this can be done from anywhere in the world. It also provides the ability to easily update software in the controller remotely.

The IP In/Out DIN has two built-in switched ports (10/100 Mb/s), allowing controllers to be daisy-chained together, thus minimising the amount of patch cable required to connect devices. The is enables the creation of IP networks without the need for an external Network Switch or Hub.

Benefits include low cost IP networking, reduced CAT 5 patch cabling during installation, no need for a separate power supply or separate Network Switch or Hub, and compatibility with many RDM controllers.

IP Din

The IP Futura module offers an easy-to-fit, reliable and affordable interface to Resource Data Management controls to allow them to be connected to an IP Ethernet network Switch or Hub for monitoring purposes.

Based on RDM’s existing PR0016, the IP Din is based on an existing product repackaged in the DIN enclosure. In standard DIN 43800 format, the IP Futura Module DIN is easily DIN rail mountable (EN 50022) or panel mountable to suit your application.

The module can provide the gateway to controllers allowing them to be fully configured remotely and, in a system with full Internet access, this can be done from anywhere in the world. In addition the interface provides the ability to easily update software in the controller remotely.

Benefits of IP Din include: plug and play installation; easy retro-fit to existing non-networked or RS485 Mercury installations; no proprietary cables required – simply use industry standard CAT5 patch cables for both Ethernet and controller connection; device is powered by the attached controller, so no additional power supply required; 10 base T  Ethernet network connection; compatibility with many Resource Data Management controllers, including Mercury Mk3, Cold Room panel, Powertray and others; three rotary switches for easy configuration of network address; panel mountable.

Resource Data Management

Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 14-16 2014
Hall 6, Stand 234

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