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Copeland A2L scrolls for low temperature applications

GERMANY: Emerson announces new Copeland digital scroll compressors for flammable A2L refrigerants in low temperature refrigeration applications. 

Currently only available for the European market, the Copeland YF/YFI/YFJ low GWP scroll compressors are optimised for low temperatures between -40°C and +7°C and their operation is approved for a variety of A2L mid-pressure refrigerants such as R454A, R454C, and R455A. Emerson says the fully hermetic design of YF scroll compressors is optimised to operate efficiently and reliably with those refrigerants.

The new YF range includes seven fixed speed models, two models with vapour injection (YFI) and two with digital modulation (YFJ), covering a capacity range of 0.98kW to 5.7kW under EN12900 LT conditions. 

Vapour injection is said to boost system cooling capacity by up to 40% and efficiency by up to 25%.


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