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Daikin to launch outdoor air conditioner

JAPAN: Daikin is to introduce an air conditioning unit in Japan to provide “cool spots” for outdoor event venues, restaurants, bar and cafe terraces.

Daikin maintains that, in recent years, Japanese municipalities and businesses have been working on measures to prevent heat stroke and provide comfortable and safe conditions for patrons. 

The development of the outdoor air conditioner, first announced last year, draws in air from the top and delivers cool air in four directions from the side of the main body. It is said to provide a cool space to a radius of about 3m.

The unit, which will be available in Japan from mid-May, integrates the indoor and outdoor unit in a single-package and is fitted with casters to allow for easy relocation.

The outdoor air conditioner was tested at five public locations last year to verify the effect and comfort of the prototype, and garner public reaction at a number of national exhibitions. 

Daikin says the heat-pump-type unit delivers dehumidified air at 8ºC below ambient air temperature (at 35ºC DB/24ºC WB, 50Hz).

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