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Danfoss components cleared for A2L refrigerant trio

DENMARK: The entire Danfoss portfolio of refrigeration components is now qualified for three A2L low GWP refrigerants – R454C, R455A, and R1234yf. 

The development is said to be in response to demand from customers who want to use A2L ultra-low GWP alternatives to R404A and R134a and follows the qualification of the T2/TE expansion valves in July.

The qualification process is said to have been thorough as these low GWP gases are mildly flammable A2L refrigerants and subject to additional safety requirements. 

As a result, Danfoss says refrigeration engineers can now safely work with its wide range of  components, such as the T2 expansion valve, EVRv2 solenoid valve, DML filter drier, SGP sight glass, GBC ball valve, etc.

Danfoss now offers an extended portfolio including product codes with flare connectors (eg TE2, TE5) as well as A2L-specific versions of all-electric components—including a dedicated pressure switch range—to prevent ignition.

“We do not believe that there is one refrigerant for the future, so we have selected the refrigerants that we believe are sustainable in the long term and have developed our product portfolio to cover those refrigerants,” said Gustavo Fernandez, Danfoss product management director of line components.


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