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Danfoss T2 stats for A2L refrigerants

DENMARK: The Danfoss T2 and TE2 thermostatic expansion valves are now available for use with the mildly flammable, A2L, low GWP refrigerants R454C, R455A and R1234yf. 

Two of the industry’s most trusted components, the Danfoss T2 and TE2 thermostatic expansion valves are part of an extended portfolio of Danfoss refrigeration products to be qualified for the A2L-classified refrigerants R454C, R455A and R1234yf.

Following rigorous testing, Danfoss has created new, dedicated versions of the popular design, an industry staple since the T2’s launch in 1966. As with all mechanical valves, each model is optimised for the characteristics of the specific refrigerant.

“For several years, HVACR professionals have been on quite a journey with new refrigerants, and the T2/TE2 expansion valves have been adapting to market needs,” commented Danfoss product director Ejner Kobbero.


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