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Danfoss upgrades the solenoid valve

DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced the ICF 20-2 solenoid valve as a safer, greener, and more versatile successor to its long-established EVRA(T) 15/20.

According to Danfoss, the ICF 20-2 has been engineered as a future-proof solution, boosted by tighter and safer performance, and compatible with a wider range of applications.

Featuring many upgrades, the ICF 20-2 is designed for easier installation, leak-proof performance in a much broader range of pressures and temperatures, and seamless scalability as part of the ICF platform.

One of the biggest improvements is the replacement of the EVRA(T) 15/20’s outdated flanges and gaskets with ICF 20-2’s direct welding. The ICF 20-2’s forged housing is said to be easier to configure and service while allowing for leak-proof operation under higher pressures and at lower temperatures.

The flat top cover gasket also makes ICF 20-2 compatible with most natural refrigerants, including CO2, in applications down to -60ºC and up to 65bar.


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