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Data centre free-cooling with Danfoss MCHE

DENMARK: Danfoss has announced a new glycol micro channel heat exchanger for free-cooling chiller and dry cooler applications in data centres.

The new model is part of Danfoss’ efforts to expand its micro channel heat exchanger (MCHE) portfolio with models that are even more relevant to the specific sustainability challenges faced by data centres.

Of all-aluminum design that is not only lightweight butalso immune to galvanic corrosion, the Danfoss Glycol MCHE is said to possess a special manifold design with a lower water pressure drop than other models on the market. Danfoss says this greatly reduces water usage, power consumption and optimises peak performance.

Highly customisable connections and special bracket design are said to make the MCHE easy to install to the unit frame. The tubes are optimised to perfectly balance the heat transfer and pressure from the refrigerant side. The Glycol MCHE technology can operate both independently and in combination with the refrigeration cycle.

“Free cooling offers such a clear benefit to data centers, so we’re pleased to be able to give OEMs such a simple way to integrate it into existing designs,” said Jeff Tucker, Danfoss’ global head of micro channel heat exchangers.


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