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Diffusion fan coil offers multiple options

UK: Diffusion has launched the compact Highline 235 modular fan coil offering noise ratings as low as NR25.

Comprising eight models and 13 fan combinations, the Highline 235 has been designed with aesthetics in mind to make it an attractive solution for architects that require a ceiling exposed solution. 

The high efficiency EC motor and fan assemblies provide improved SFPs as low as 0.14W/l/s and the use of specially designed heat exchangers achieve optimum heating and cooling performance.

Built to last with a galvanised steel chassis for increased durability, the Highline 235 also includes a full-width access panel giving easy access to key components including the heat exchanger and fans.

With almost 300,000 customisable configurations, customers can choose the fan coil that fits their individual design. It can be supplied with either ISO grade media filters or the Diffusion lifetime Eco wire mesh filter, which can be easily removed from either the side of the unit or from beneath the unit. The filters on the larger models are split into two parts, making them easy to remove or clean.

Forward curved centrifugal fans are used in all models, which are insulated throughout with class 0 fire-rated foam up to 25mm thick.


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