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DMTouch software update includes over 130 new features

UK: Refrigeration controls manufacturer Resource Data Management (RDM) has released a major software update for its DMTouch control and monitoring system head-end.

The new software version 3.1.0 is said to include over 130 new features, powerful enhancements and changes, coupled with the ability to communicate across open protocols. The new software also includes compatibility with RDM’s soon-to-be-released bluetooth mesh technology.

According to RDM, a large proportion of the new features enhance the overall user experience, making it even faster for users to access data and manage HVAC, refrigeration and lighting devices, across their building or site. 

It is said to provide more data at a glance, with a new multi-view home page, custom mimics and additional graph display options making it easier to digest and interpret device operating data. 

RDM says users will benefit from a faster set-up time, streamlined navigation and a more detailed display of data. As a time-saving measure, additional auto-populating of data, mimics and disciplines has also been added.

The new software also allows DMTouch to monitor up to six sources of consumables and display data in an easy-to-interpret format. Either energy, gas or water usage can be monitored, with savings or overspending calculated and detailed consumption analyses available.

The new bluetooth compatibility will allow RDM’s soon-to-be-released bluetooth msh product range of probes, monitors and controllers to communicate directly with the DMTouch – without the need to run wires to the central control and monitoring device, or system head-end.

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