Eco-Cool displays high efficiency

Troy-Eco-Cool-26The new Troy Eco-Cool integral multi-deck refrigerated display cabinet from Capital Products offers a low front and increased energy efficiency.

An all new, low energy, refrigeration system has allowed the front height to be reduced to 305mm, maximising the available merchandising space. The inclusion of dual-glazed full glass doors, fitted as standard, has created what Capital Products describes as its most energy efficient multideck ever.

Available in four case lengths and two heights to ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility with any store format, all models are suitable for the display of fresh meat, dairy, snacks, drinks and alcohol.

The result of an extensive r&d programme, in association with leading retail chains, Capital’s Eco-Cool is said to offer energy savings of up to 60% when compared to the equivalent open front model.

The Troy Eco-Cool runs on propane (R290) and employs a horizontal scroll compressor, offering increased efficiency in a much smaller package. This, in combination with the energy saving glass doors, has resulted in the design team being able to considerably reduce the size of the condensing unit. The Troy Eco-Cool condenser has a volume 60% less than the equivalent open front model. Capital says this reduction in size has been a key factor in the ability to reduce front height and maximise throat size.

Relays which reverse the condenser fans during defrost, can help keep the condenser cleaner.

The inclusion of a built-in RDM control system enables the Eco-Cool to be controlled independently or hardwired to a main control box monitors the performance in real time. Further energy saving can be attained through the fitment of Capital’s CAPIRC electronic control system. This control system manages the energy consumption of the fan motors and creates a balance between performance and power usage, saving an additional 7%.

Capital Products

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