Ecotel offers 100% free-cooling

Ecotel-External-UK: Airedale has launched a 100% free-cooling outdoor cabin cooler which claims substantial energy-savings compared to non free-cooling alternatives.

The Ecotel Free Cool (5-15kW) is described as a compact, resilient outdoor cabin cooler designed for track-side signalling applications, and switching and relay stations. The system is said to be ideal for new installations or can be supplied as a retrofit.

According to Airedale, by harnessing the benefit of low ambient UK temperatures (based on maximum summer outside ambient of 40°C, minimum winter ambient of -7.5°C, London, UK), a 10kW unit can provide free-cooling for 100% of the year with running costs of just £432.

The British manufacturer has significant experience in fan cooling applications, having supplied thousands of earlier generation Ecotel units to clients such as CTIL and Network Rail over past decades.

Designed for where floor space is limited or unavailable, the Ecotel Free Cool is said to be quick and easy to install, utilising a secure and tamper proof mounting bracket system, and provides front component access and removable centrifugal EC fan for ease of servicing.

Temperature sensors are mounted in the return side of the unit to monitor dry bulb conditions, and the Airedale controls interface allows unit performance to be maximised, including monitoring and control of room and exterior air temperatures. A -48V DC unit supply option is also available.

Airedale International

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